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Why VR is the Future of Fashion, RNWY, and Style

Why VR is the Future of Fashion, RNWY, and Style

Three Reasons that Virtual Reality Fashion Shows are Taking Off

Virtual Reality, also known as VR, has been booming in the technology industries. There are many options for VR headsets, and we saw Topshop and Dior both using them at fashion week. This was not the only technology that we saw during the spring/summer 2017 fashion week. However, the VR headsets stole the show. Here are some reasons why we are seeing more fashion shows using Virtual Reality.

1. Front Row Seats for Everyone

VR could change the way people view fashion week. Topshop, Balenciaga, and Dior allowed everyday people to watch their fashion week shows from the front row using VR headsets in their stores. The fashion shows were recorded and broadcast using the latest 360-degree recording hardware.

With three major brands already starting to use VR, we are going to see more fashion shows recorded and broadcast in this way. There is the fear of falling behind, and other fashion brands are feeling the pressure.

2. Better In-Store Experience

There are many fashion retail leaders who are saying that VR is going to change the way people interact with fashion brands. Today, it is not about how much turnover your brand has per square foot, it is about the surprise. Most people shop online, so they check out the new items and the sale pages first.

This is where VR comes in. A VR headset allows customers to visit any of your shops and have an in-store experience. This could replace the traditional e-commerce platforms in the future, especially if more people jump on the VR technology bandwagon. 

3. Virtual Fitting and Fashion Design

This could be a part of the VR e-commerce platform or used in store. Many people avoid clothing shopping because they dislike having to try the clothing on to make sure that they fit or look right. So, VR mirrors could be the solution since the mirrors could store information about a person’s measurements and would display the items on top of their clothing. This would also make finding the right size easier because the store would input the measurements for their items.

Along with helping the customers, VR could also help fashion designers because they can view the piece from all angles during the design phase. This would be interesting, especially with the use of 3D printers. This would be a major benefit for up-and-coming fashion designers because their designs can be displayed in 3D without needing to make the pieces. 

With the growing number of people with VR devices, it is possible that most fashion shows will offer coverage using these devices. Technology has always been a part of fashion week, so it makes sense to see the cutting edge technologies being used here.


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