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RNWY magazine is coming in September

RNWY magazine is coming in September

We’re only a few short months away from RNWY magazine. Meanwhile, here’s an article kinda’.


Dress Like You Just Stepped Off the RNWY

The runway is where we first get to see the latest styles and trends in fashion and beauty, but only a hand full of styles will end up in stores. While you could buy the original piece, you will be paying high prices for each piece. So, who decides on the styles that will make it into stores and what styles stay on the runway?

The main people who pick the styles that make it into stores are fashion directors. Fashion directors are the people who sit in on most fashion shows and receive early photos of the pieces we are going to see on the runway. Most clothing brands and magazines have a fashion director who knows what to look for and how to turn it into a wearable piece. Since fashion styles change in the blink of an eye, fashion directors have to plan for the next trend or style before we know about it. This is how stores like Forever 21 and H&M stock the hottest trends within just days or weeks of them becoming popular.

Style Scouting

One of the main ways that clothing brands can release the latest style before everyone else is trend and style scouting. While we have to wait until Fashion weeks to see what many brands have to offer, some brands have private fashions shows before the main fashion weeks. This is the time when magazines and fashion companies can look at the pieces, so they can make decisions about what is going to be trendy the next season.

Along with the runway, fashion directors, and designers also travel the world to find the latest styles and trends. This has become easier with the internet because social media has allowed more people to show off their own style. If we look at beauty brands, we have seen many trying to catch up with the contour and strobing trends. Beauty brands have more time to catch up, but in the world of fashion, you are in one day and out the next.

When is a Piece Released in Stores?

In fashion, brands take huge gambles on what is going to be popular, especially on styles that have been off-trend for years. There is also the question of when pieces should be released. More brands are starting to release fall and winter styles soon after Fashion Week to allow buyers to buy the show-stopping styles early. This is a huge risk because it is still late spring or early summer when Fashion Weeks are completed. The same is true with spring and summer styles being released in the fall and winter.

There is also the chance that a style will be released twice in the same year. There could be a color or fabric change to make it fit the time of year better. If you are looking for a dress from a runway show, you may want to start checking your local stores because for many brands it does not matter if the style is popular for the season.

RNWY’s magazine is coming soon. Stay tuned.


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