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RNWY and Avant Garde Fashion

RNWY and Avant Garde Fashion

The History of Avant Garde Fashion

In the 1960s, a whole new world of fashion evolved. It had everything to do with shocking, intriguing and intimidating looks. The popular space suits were part of the avant garde fashion which was introduced by Pere Cardin. The best example today can be seen in some of the most popular musicians. The unusual and intimidating avant garde fashion was for women but later as the designers became more innovative, this kind of fashion involved men. It was initially all about clothes, but as time went by, the belt, the makeup in different colors, the shoes and the hats mattered. 

The Space Look by Andre Courreges

The space look which is part of avant garde fashion is credited to Andre Courreges. The French designer introduced this intriguing fashion that involved, goggles, white boots, and boxy dresses all of which were made from high-shine fabrics, futuristic metallic shades and PVC. The work of Courreges that could be seen on the runway was inspired by Le Corbusier, and he launched his design back in the year 1961. When women adopted the tights also known as the second skin back in the year 1967, it was the great work of Andre Courreges. Courreges believed that women would be a lot happier if more colors and white were added to their life. 

Designers Focusing on Avant Garde Fashion

Although it is quite a challenge for designers to focus on avant garde fashion alone, very few designers are solely focusing on this. Today, as the world of fashion keeps evolving, designers are revisiting the avant garde sophisticated fashion. Arnaud Vaillant and Sebastien Meyer both from Coperni Femme will be reviving the work of Courreges. As the designers go back to avant garde fashion, they are doing so with care so that their works do not go to waste. Igor Chapurin of Russia, Gareth Pugh and Zandra Rhodes of Britain, the Japanese designer Issey Miyake, Norma Kamali and Vivienne Westwood are some of the avant garde designers today.

Avant Garde Makes a Fashion Lover Standout

Fashion is inevitable especially to fashion lovers, and this is exactly the point with avant garde. You can never miss out a person in this kind of fashion from a crowd. It’s a combination of fashion, creativity, and art.

There are various things that define the avant garde fashion, and apart from being seen on the runway, there are those who have made the fashion part of their life. The defiant look is a combination of funky hairstyles, bright colored accessories, large sized glasses, shoes of strange shapes, unusual combination of makeup and unusual buckles in belts. It’s about experimenting, and the best thing is the strange, provocative looks it creates with no specific rules.

RNWY is at work on a new photo shoot that will tap into some of this avant garde spirit. Stay tuned!

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