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Looks That Ruled Last Season’s Runway

Looks That Ruled Last Season’s Runway

Many people  wait for the runway season with bated breath.  Fashionistas want to know which trends will make their way back to the market. You need to be prepared about what the next season is going to offer before you overhaul your wardrobe to be in vogue. The catwalk always has something new. Although most of the fashion is considered impractical for a normal day, there are some items that can be worn off the catwalk.

So what was dominant in last season’s showcase?

Off-Shoulders and Turtlenecks

This style characterizes drooping shoulders that gently fall below the neckline. It is like wearing a tube top that has wings.  The off-shoulder style came back with a vengeance. There were tops and dresses. The blouses were dramatic, and the subtle sexy silhouette on the luxe dresses was to die for.

This trend closely followed the off-shoulder. It was transported from the 1950’s to 2016. As it was Steve Job’s character look, it was received with open arms. The style was more common in knitwear as a cozy and warm alternative.

Ruffles, Floral and Stripes

Gentle and feminine ruffles were major in last season’s runways. Jill Stuart and Cushineet Ochs were some of the designers that came up with this trend. The ruffles were gentle and functional enough to be worn off the runway, so they were widely accepted.

Florals were also major on the runway last season. They were on everything from flowing to slinky slip dresses to shirts and skirts. Different designers opted for bold prints while others opted for softer prints. Tanya Taylor, GiambattistaValli, and Tory Burch were some of the designers that highlighted floral patterns.

Stripes were also adequately represented. Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent, and Moschino had stipes on their catwalks. They were used on tops and one-shoulder dresses among other items of clothing. These trends were well received and took to the street not long after.

Back to the 1980s

Trends can always be resurrected. Isabel Marant proved this by focusing on the 1980’s schoolgirl look. The collection had trench coats, the plaid look, and oversized tweeds. Fashionistas eyed this collection for winter wear that is chic and functional.

Color Scheme

Last season’s runway had red as the predominant color. There were different shades and hues presented by different designers. Junya Watanabe and Comme des Garcons focused on form, volume, and couture while Saint Laurent focused more on patent, satin and lacquered finish in addition to matte.

While fashion is largely subjective, there are runway shows that set the trend for the rest of the season. New York Fashion Week is one such hyped event. Who-is-who and crème de la crème of fashionistas come out in droves to give their nod of approval or to express their disapproval.

These runways also set precedence for what is to be expected before the next season’s shows. Trends can always change. We could end up seeing similar fashion next season. Who knows? We could also see a complete overhaul. You will just have to wait and see.

Next up: Stay tuned for RNWY Magazine, coming in September!

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