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History of the RNWY Magazine

History of the RNWY Magazine

RNWY Magazine

Magazines can be found at just about every store, and some have even become available on our tablets and smartphones. Most fashion magazines take pieces from the RNWY and make them wearable. The RNWY is also open to the public today, which was not the case in the past. Let’s look at the interesting history of the RNWY and the RNWY magazine.

The Hidden History of the RNWY

Fashion weeks of the past were week-long shows that fashion houses put on for clothing stores. The shows were so long in order to allow buyers to travel from across the country to see the new pieces. The RNWY in most cases was a just a marked area on the floor to allow models to walk. Fashion buyers and rich clients would be the only ones that were invited to these RNWY shows. This was to protect the designs because most fashion houses were worried about others stealing their designs and making the pieces for cheaper.

The public RNWY show did not show up until the end of WWI and became popular thanks to American department stores. These fashion shows were used to show off the latest pieces that the store was selling, and how the everyday women could wear them.

WWII forced the American fashion industry to stand on its own because there were very few RNWY shows in Paris and other European countries. The first New York Fashion Week was called Press Week and was held in 1943. This is also one of first modern fashion shows.

Where Did RNWY Magazines Come From?

The idea of the fashion magazine has been around since the late 1600s and early 1700s. These were books that were full of sketches. These books were mostly made in France and were used by dressmakers and wealthy women to see what the court was wearing. Many of these sketch books would continue until the 1900s. Vogue was founded as a weekly newspaper by Arthur Baldwin Turnure in 1892. At the time, Vogue provided patterns and fashion illustrations.
France was the home of the first fashion magazine subscription which was calling La Gazette du Bon Ton and cost 100 francs per year. The goal was to establish fashion as art, and it ran from 1912 to 1925.

In 1916, Vogue Paris and UK were created. The 1920’s fashion magazines covered more topics than just fashion. These topics included socialites and women’s suffrage at the time. The 1940’s saw women’s working fashion enter magazines since more women were working than ever before. The popularity of the fashion magazine would continue until the late 2000’s. At that time, there was a decline in sales that most magazine companies have not recovered from. This is most likely caused by the internet and the growing amount of online free fashion magazines.

The RNWY for most of its history was hidden and limited to only those in the industry and the wealthy. However, after WWI, RNWY shows become more popular, because of department stores. The RNWY magazine has been around for a long time, even before photography was invented. However, it became popular after WWI, because women had more freedom and money.



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